Sandwiches – Individually Wrapped & Platters


Our Best-Selling Sandwiches & Wraps:  

Classic Selection – ham & cheese, chicken & stuffing, egg salad, chicken salad, ham salad & relish, chicken & ham with relish and cheese, Chicken Stuffing & Bacon, Chicken Caesar Wrap.

Vegetarian – egg mayo & tomato, ploughman’s, mozzarella tomato & pesto.

All Sandwiches are served on Lynch’s of Macroom Doorstep Bread.   All Sandwich orders require 24 hours notice.


Individually Packaged Sandwiches & Wraps:

Choose from any of the above:

Prices Available on Request                 Minimum order 10 Sandwiches / Wraps



Classic sandwich quarters on a mix of white and brown bread, wraps or baguettes

can be included on request.

Regular (40 quarters, serves 8-10)                            Jumbo (60 quarters, serves 12 - 15)

 Added Extras:

        Home-baked Large Cookies                                          Homemade Scones incl butter & jam or cream & jam

        Minerals 500ml / Water 500ml                                      Chocolate Bars

       Muffins & Danishes                                                     Crisps